mercoledì 4 dicembre 2019


Segnalo volentieri un bell'articolo che ci conduce in Lapponia alla scoperta della suggestiva notte polare. Qui un estratto: 

"The sky will one day be bright blue and the other day a completely different colour. The colours change daily. Those who say it's dark here don't look around", Guttorm Utsi said, before explaining that many Sámi people closely follow the signs of nature in order to predict the weather of the coming days and weeks.
Sverre Porsanger, a cultural worker from Utsjoki, agrees with this explanation, and added that he believes the weather over the "kaamos" period can be predicted from the weather on the morning it begins 🌌❄❤

Per approfondire: 

Ukonsaari talvisessa kaamosmaisemassa Inarijärvellä.

Buona lettura! :)

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